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  1. (a) Know about Wudu (ablution), daily prayers, Friday prayers and funeral prayers.

  2. (b) Know about concept of Ihram and how to put on the Ihram clothes (men and women).
    (c) Get to know the full procedure of Umrah.
    (d) Get to know about the full procedure of Haj and the details of Haj.

    [If you have any doubt on of the above, ask your companions or ask some learned person or get guidance from a reputed book]

  3. If you are encashing your bank draft at the airport you should count your money carefully. Do not get the help of unauthorized persons. Bankers and staff members are there to help and guide you.
  4. Acquaint yourself about using the European style commodes in the toilets. Know how to keep the toilets clean and how to wash properly.
  5. Guard against pick-pocket and theft, especially of money and important documents. Do not carry large amounts of money in crowded places and during Tawaaf or Sai.
  6. Mark all your baggage and luggage so that others call also identify them. While travelling, please ensure that Your luggage is loaded in the same bus as you. In case of lost baggage, contact the Consulate's Lost and Found Store in Branch Office No. 1 in Misfalah area of Makkah.
  7. Always wear the metal wrist band given by Haj Committee and always carry the card given by the Moallim.
  8. Carry a plastic packet for keeping your slippers/sandals in the Haram Sharief. Keep them at a place where the cleaners will not sweep them away.
  9. In case you are lost you must ask the way to any of the Indian Haj Offices ('There are 9 Branch Offices and 1 Main Haj Office in Makkah and 2 Branch Offices and 1 Main Haj Office in Madinah). From our Haj Offices you will be guided to your houses.
  10. Learn how to use the air-conditioner and other equipment available in the rooms and whenever you leave the room you must switch off the air-conditioners, lights, fans, etc.
  11. Do not waste water as water is a scarce commodity and there is acute water shortage, especially from the first of Zil Hijja.
  12. There are very good toilets and Wudu-Khaanas at both Haram Shariefs and pilgrims should avail of these facilities.
  13. After Fard prayers in Haram Sharief wait for about one minute before starting your other prayers because most of the time, funeral prayers (Namaaz Janaaza) are held after Fard prayers in both Harams.
  14. Please stay in the room that you are allotted to and do not encroach into another pilgrim's allotment or room.
  15. If there are others staying in your room apart from your own group, you have to be accommodating towards them. Do not lock your room in such a way that others are stranded outside.
  16. For cooking, use the kitchen facilities. Do not cook in rooms. Cooking on kerosene stoves is discouraged, as these are fire hazards. Cooking in Mina is not allowed even on gas stoves.
  17. Drink plenty of water and liquids to protect yourself front dehydration and heat stroke. Also take care that you do not suffer from cold, cough and sore throat or upset stomach. There are 9 Branch Dispensaries and 1 Main Dispensary in Makkah and 2 Branch Dispensaries and 1 Main Dispensary in Madinah alongwith a few mobile team of doctors. They are at your service. Please avail of these. Keep yourself fit for the 5 main days of Haj which are very arduous and require you to be fully fit.
  18. If there are old, ill, infirm, and weak pilgrims in your group, you have to take care of them. Do not abandon them and ensure that they take proper medicines at proper times.
  19. Be prepared for delays that occur in transport to Makkah, Madinah, Mina, Arafat and Muzdalifa. Be patient.
  20. At night, especially in Madinah and Mina you will feel cold and, therefore, you must have sufficient warm clothings and bedding to protect yourself.
  21. Please identify your accommodation and surrounding areas very carefully once you reach Makkah, Madinah, Arafat and Mina. This will help you in getting your bearings and prevent you from getting lost.
  22. While entering the Haram Sharief in Makkah and Madinah, identify the doors. Remember through which door you are entering and in Makkah once you are inside the Tawaaf area you must identify the colour of the main gates and you must know which of these coloured gates leads to the direction of your building.
  23. If you have valuables and money which you do not require immediately, you should keep them in safe custody with your Moallim and get a receipt (Fatura) for the same.
  24. Do not give money for sacrifice to any person. Either you do the sacrifice yourself or in front of you and pay the money then or you can buy the coupon from the Islamic Development Bank. Do not get cheated by individual persons offering cheap sacrifices.
  25. Do not try to become friendly with unknown persons and do not try to establish contact with unknown persons, not even the guards of your buildings. Spend your time in Ibaadat rather than gossip and other wastage of time.
  26. In case you are lost in Makkah or Madinah or Mina or Muzdalifa or Arafat do not panic. Some one will find you or guide you to your correct destination though it may take some time. But please do not panic. Ask for direction to your building or camp by showing your metal wristband or Moallim's card or ask for direction to Indian Haj Office. Remember to keep cool and do not panic.
  27. Do not keep extra persons, not even relatives in your rooms or tents as each pilgrim gets only 2.5 sq. mt of space and you never know about the character and antecedents of unknown persons. You must meet visitor's outside your building.
  28. In crowded places like areas of Tawaaf and Sayee, during boarding buses, during pelting of Jamarat or in queues for toilets or for food, please take care of the old, infirm, ladies and children.
  29. Do not allow the old, infirm, ladies and children into very crowded places where there is likelihood of their getting injured or suffocated. Especially during the pelting of Jamarat, great care and extreme caution have to be exercised. It is best not to allow old, infirm and children to go for pelting and even ladies have to be either disallowed or they must go at a time when there is not much rush. The pelting of stones can be done on behalf of the old, aged, infirm, children and women by others.
  30. Be prepared for emergencies like fire and stampede. Keep watch for signs of trouble. Avoid stoning Jamarat at times when there is heavy rush. Be vigilant about fire hazards. Know the exit routes from your buildings and tents in case you have to evacuate quickly. Ensure that exit routes are not blocked or locked. If there are fire extinguishers read the instructions on them so that in case you need to use them you are familiar with their operation.
  31. Take care that you do not purchase so many things that would render you liable for excess baggage on your return journey. You would also have to keep aside money for payment of excess baggage if you are carrying excess baggage.
  32. Remember that the Moallim's photo card is not valid for going to Jeddah on a visit. You are liable to be caught at the check-post and sent to jail.
  33. Maintain personal cleanliness and hygiene and do not litter waste or garbage anywhere. Use the dustbins.
  34. Remember that you are the Guests of Allah and always keep this in mind that your conduct during the whole Haj should be of high standard that one associates with the guest of Allah. Be patient and considerate with fellow pilgrims. Do not lose your temper. Have a helpful attitude. Haj is a spiritual experience which is unique and for many pilgrims it is once in a life time. Try to get the maximum reward from Allah by spending your time in lbaadat and having good conduct. Be very particular specially when you are in the state of Ihram as there are lot of precautions that you have to observe.
  35. Haj is not easy. Haj entails many difficulties and hardships. You have to be mentally prepared to bear with them and cope with them. Always have a positive attitude. Allah says that from the time you decide to perform Hqj you must pray to Allah to make Haj easy for you. Please keep this in mind.
May Allah keep you in His protection and grant you the reward for Haj.

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