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Application Form - Fresh/Expired Passport
Application Form - Misc. Services
Application Form - Loss/Damaged Passport

Affidavit Formats

General Rules & Regulations

Fee Structure

Service Requirements Fee
New Passports & Additional Booklets 4 photographs (Passport size)  SR 
New Passports for Minor Children  4 passport size photographs, Birth certificate, in original and a copy, copy of both the parent's passports  SR 
Renewal of Passport issued with limited validity  1 photograph  SR 
Affidavit(Single)  Use an appropriate format in duplicate  SR 
ECNR  1 photograph & necessary passport/document of eligibility  SR 
Police Clearance Certificate  2 photographs  SR 
Emergency Certificate  4 photographs, Passport/Passport copy, and Police Report SR 
Birth Reg. & New Passport for Children  Parents passports, birth certifcate(original + copy) and 1 photograph of applicant. Birth has to be registered at least within one year of its occurrence, to delays on account of need to refer to India thereafter for grant of Indian citizenship.  SR 
Attestation  Bring original document + copy in duplicate. Passport of applicant + witness/s, to be brought.  SR 
Attestation (Property)  Bring original document + Copy in Attestation (Property) duplicate & passport of applicant + Witness/s, if any. SR 
Jumbo Booklet 4 photographs & applicantís passport (For frequent travellers) SR 
Duplicate Passport in lieu of Lost/damaged passport Apply in an appropriate Form SR 
EC (Renewal) Apply with EC &  Form stating reason for renewal SR 
Deletion Certificate Parentís passport/s and letter with one photograph SR 
Death Certificate Apply with Death Notification, Medical Report, Informant Questionnaire, Sponsorís/Employer's Statement, Consent of next of kin regarding burial, Original Passport, and Copy of Airway Bill SR 
Life Certificate Apply with Passport, Pension Document with one copy SR 
Misc. Services Applicantís passport with one photograph/necessary letter/certificate required if any. SR 

Mode of Payment


No Refunds

Fees, once received, cannot be refunded, even if the application is withdrawn or service cannot be rendered.

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